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Joseph: "Basically, we were looking to get a new front door put on, our other door was having issues, so I went to the common sites like Home Advisor and Angie's List and I just started pulling up companies that had a high rating of 5 and above, and Pinnacle showed up on one of them. I placed a call out to all those companies that were rated high, and Pinnacle was one of the first to respond back, so I had em' come in and give me an estimate. We evaluated the product as well as the company, and Pinnacle seemed to offer the superior door, and quite honestly the price was right, so that was one of our deciding factors, the quality and the price." Joseph: "They replaced our exterior front door; we had a steel door with two side lights and we replaced it with a fiberglass door with two sidelights. We also got decorative glass put in the side lights and the door. It really has enhanced out hallway... brought in a lot more light, which is what we were looking for. It was very easy, Pinnacle was actually one of the companies that had some of the best communication with us as we were going through the project. The sales person was constantly in touch with us, scheduled a couple visits with us to discuss the door and some other things that we might want to look at as far as the door was concerned, so the communications was always there, they were always in touch with us as we were going through this project." Patricia: "I think we even spoke to James, and some of the questions we had; he was very good about getting back to me and answering all my questions, especially when it concerned time lines and all. I was here the day that they installed the door. It was very well installed, I think the guys did a very good job. They cleaned up everything, every mess they made, and they were very meticulous in how they installed the door and I could tell as I was watching them throughout the process." Joseph: "One thing I'd like to say about the installation is, is that we had one of the, I guess his name was John, came out and he came out to do the final measurements for the door, and he actually gave us some good advice. We were struggling with the color of the door, and he gave us some good advice as to assist us in picking the color, and it ended up being spot on because we were trying to match it up with our hardwood floors, and the color came out spot on." Patricia: "We started with the wood look for the vinyl door, and we started with I believe a darker grain. As we were discussing this with John he kind of let us know that we might not want to go down that road because of the color of the hardwood that would be in front of the door, so we thought twice about it and luckily he was right. It looks really good." Joseph: "Our expectation was that we wanted to one, deal with a quality company that we didn't want to have to go through the high pressure sales. Some of the companies we dealt with, that turned out to be the case. With Pinnacle, Ron came in, helped us go through the process of picking out the door, showed us all our alternatives, provided us with a lot of samples, a lot of discussion of things to think about, and gave his opinion on some of the selections we were making, and it all turned out great. Definitely going to be replacing the roof here soon, not right away, but probably within the next couple years, and we'll definitely consider Pinnacle for that job, as well as the siding too, because the house is 15 some years old, the siding is fading, and some of the examples of the siding that he showed us that Pinnacle dealt with was pretty interesting stuff, a lot of roofing was some high tech stuff, and he definitely peaked our interest to go back to Pinnacle and look at those jobs. Most of our family is our of state, but anytime anybody asks us about the door, which we get questioned quite a bit about it, we bring up the fact that we had Pinnacle install it, and how happy we were with them." Patricia: "We get a lot of compliments on the door, with our friends that come and our neighbors that see it, and we tell them it was Pinnacle Exteriors. If you're interested in a door that's the first place I would go, because we did our homework and that's where we ended up going." Joseph: "Yeah, and that's one thing our neighbors know us for, doing our research (both laughing). Other than the fact that we're really happy with it, we're really happy with the buying experience, going through the installation, dealing with Pinnacle overall was a pretty pleasing experience for us."
Joseph and Patricia G. of Barto, PA
"We first heard about Pinnacle, we went to the home show at Ag Hall, and they were giving out free estimates, and we were looking to upgrade our house. I'm getting ready to retire, and I don't want any surprises when I retire. I love the salesman, the salesman was so knowledgable. I mean he went through everything with us, which was really good, and that's really more or less what sold me. I was impressed with all the workers, they worked really hard, I could tell they were working hard. The clean up, they cleaned up really well. They were prompt, courteous, professional. From the time everything was ordered till the time everything was done, I was just shocked at how quick it was. I mean, it was done... we did it twice. We did the roof and the third floor windows, and the siding first. Then we decided we were going to do all the windows later, so we called you guys right away because you did such good work for the roof and the windows up there, it was a no-brainer, ya know? The customer service lady was excellent. I work nights so I have a hard schedule, I work 14 hours a day. I can only answer the phone or get a hold of somebody between nine and noon, because at noon I turn off the phone and I go to bed. She had no problem scheduling the appointments... they did it on my schedule, which was another good thing that I liked. There were always punctual, always on time, I was impressed with the whole... from beginning to end; I mean everybody, the salesman, customer service lady, to everybody, all the workmen, they were all so friendly. They dealt with my dog, because my dog's really a pain, as you can tell, he's a pain, but everybody was real good with it, yeah. I'm really impressed with the company, the roof is great. I didn't know how old my old roof was; I know I've been in the house about 15 years, so I know it was time. Another five year, like I said, I'm retiring and don't want to do it in the middle of retirement. I got the lifetime shingles warranty. The quality was worth it... they did everything. Replaced the sheeting that needed it, they tore everything up, redid everything. (Wife cutting in) We don't have drafts anymore. (Husband) Yeah, We don't have drafts up on the third floor anymore. Wife: The sound is cut down from outside. Husband: And the heat, I can actually sleep up there now if I have to. You can tell a big difference right away. It was 95 degrees, and we actually had to turn up the air conditioner because we got too cold. I will recommend them to anybody, yeah..."
James K. of Allentown, PA
My name is Andrea, and Im a mother of 5 and my project with Pinnacle Exteriors was remodeling 18 windows. A huge takeover, and I chose Pinnacle Exteriors... it was interesting because I went to home advisors; it was the one project we had to do to get the certificate of occupancy for the city of Allentown, and Pinnacle Exteriors was my last appointment. I went weeks upon weeks trying to find the right company to do my windows, and once I got the call from Pinnacle Exteriors I was like, "That's it, you guys are my last call. After you guys I'm not having anything else done." So I did, so Ron came in, showed me a couple of windows, saw what I needded to to, measured all my windows, and you guys price matched, which I loved because I had a couple of other estimates and you guys said, "Hey, we'll do this for you, we want your business." And I really liked that. So I came in not knowing, we are new homeowners as of last November so to us all of this is new, so to know that the professionalism I got from the phone to Ron to the actual workers, Bob and Mike... I love those guys. I would recommend them to anyone. In fact I did, to my parents, Hopefully they'll be having work done in their house soon, and I would love for the guys to do that. We did also do some finance, we put some money down and that process went really smoothly. it was done really quick. The next day I got the letter of approval, and that was it. The week of the work, which was last week they called me and said, "we're going to be dispersing" and that was that. Then I got a letter of congratulations, yada yada, it was great. Convenient payments too, under the budget we're working on, so I enjoy that too that we're not straining when it comes to financing in a typical house. As far as the staff, again, they were great. They were accommodating to my needs, my parents were here being a big support. They were asking questions, they were seeing how the guys were working. The guys took the time to explain what they were doing at all times anytime we had any questions they would walk us through it. The last day of work they were here until 7 o' clock at night, on a Friday, who wants to be working until 7 o' clock? But they were. They cleaned all the windows, all the dusting, they went through every single window to make sure everything was perfect, and it was. Again, the expectations... we had no idea what we were getting ourselves in to, but the work that was done, it was beyond anything we thought. We are really happy. When it comes to recommending, I would recommend Pinnacle Exteriors. In fact, we have a project, hopefully soon. It's our roof, so we're thinking about doing that too. And this is something Pinnacle told us they do. We look forward to having more work done, and having you guys help us out getting our house more beautiful than it already is.
Andrea Z. of Allentown, PA
Janet: "Word of mouth, friends, different people that have... talked to different people and they said they have used them before, so we went with Pinnacle." Larry: "The front door, and screen door replaced, it needed it." Janet: "And the Frame." Larry: "The old door from 1977 is about what led us to that (laughing)." Janet: "We thought the door was leaking, so that's why we replaced it, because of the age of the original door." Janet: "They answered the phone almost immediately. Pinnacle was here within, I would say a week to look at the situation, and we had it ordered. As soon as it came in, just a couple of weeks, they came and put it on. It was excellent. The gentleman that came were very nice, they explained that was going on, what they were going to do, approximately how long it would take, and just everything about replacing a door that I didn't know (laughing). Fast, they cleaned everything up around here, they didn't leave me a mess, nothing. They were very polite, very nice men. They had to cut for the frame and everything, and they brought the tools and everything out here on the patio, and they took it all with them when they left... I didn't even have to sweep. Well, we expected them to be efficient. The Pinnacle men were very nice, like I said, fast and efficient and had no problems... I don't know what else to say, they were very good, it was a very good job, I would recommend them to anybody." Larry: "They are good at their job." Janet: "Yes, we are looking into windows next, so we have to discuss how many if not all of them. My friend lives down at the bottom the hill, she's going to have some work done on her house, and we gave her the number to call. We're very, very happy with it." Larry: "Very satisfied."  
Larry and Janet H. of Slatington, PA
"I bought a commercial property a couple years ago. It's an old building, old aluminum siding... needed a little bit of rehab; so when I was looking to get the siding, the windows, the door, everything replaced to give it a bit of a facelift. Looked around, Google searched, asked around to see if anybody had an idea of recommendations who they like, who they've used, Pinnacle's name kept popping up with the searches, with a couple people, homeowners and even people in the industry that really have a great knowledge of what I was looking to have done. When I heard the recommendations I gave Pinnacle a call. Talked to James over there and everybody was great to deal with. We got him out here for an estimate... many estimates changing things around. Everytime I needed something he was quick to call, quick to email back. We got our estimate taken care of, figured out what I wanted... he brought the windows out so I could take a look at what I was thinking before I even ordered it. We got everything taken care of; I financed through Pinnacle Exteriors and I got everything wrapped up pretty quickly. Once we sat down, James came out got the measurements, because everything was custom size... the windows, the doors, nothing was a standard off the shelf size, so everything was made to fit exact for my building. I'm always a little weary when we do custom stuff, but once they came to do the install, everything fit like a glove - windows, doors, everything was beyond my expectations. The crews that came out, great to work with, I think they left the place cleaner than when they came, couldn't even tell that they were here when they were done. Quick, quick and easy process, overall thrilled with how everything turned out, and for a commercial property the first thing my customers see when they walk up is the outside. I'm so much happier now than I was before allowing people to come visit my property and see my business. Great experience, I would definitely recommend Pinnacle Exteriors to anybody who asked, for siding, windows, anything I would definitely send them toward Pinnacle, for their home remodeling needs."
Paul Z. of Easton, PA
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