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"Kim: Hi, my name is Kim Salabsky Ed: And I am Ed Salabsky.  Kim: Two years ago, we decided to go with solar panels. We shopped around and had the opportunity to go to the york county home business show. We talked to several companies, one of which was Pinnacle to get their ideas as to how we could benefit from solar panels.  Ed: Prior to going to that show, we did a little bit of research, we even looked at other sources of electric production such as windows or whatever. But we went to that show with that idea and we had narrowed it down that we were gonna look for a solar system for the house.  Kim: Pinnacle Exteriors came out and told us what type of panels we needed, how many we would need and we decided to go with them!  Ed: We're very happy and we've had it for two years now. We're very pleased with the result. Basically, we had no electric cost for the utility anymore. We're still connected to the grid and we don't have a choice to that matter and they do charge us a minimum fee for the priviledge to being connected to the grid but other than that, we haven't paid a cent for the actual electric for the power company. The solar power have provided all of our electric needs for the plus two years.  Kim: In the winter time, we were paying 3 or 4 hundred dollars a month, we were on oil. That stressed got cut down to as low as thirty dollars a month just to stay on the grid. Now we have that extra money to do what we want. I like that as I am into craft, so I have used some of that money to buy stuff and my husband is into hunting so he has the extra fund to pursue his hobbies. I would highly recommend Pinnacle to everyone. Like I said, we shopped around, we didn't take this slightly. We didn't just go with the first one we spoke with. We spoke to about 4 companies.  Ed: I would caution anybody that's considering solar to do what we did. But I would also say to do some research ahead of time because there are different type of panels, different installation methods. So it is not necenssarily that you should go with the lowest cost, you need to know what you're getting a price for, what type of solar panels and the history of the company; how good they do and that type of things...So cheap and the solar business is not always the best!"   
Ed and Kim S. of Glen Rock, PA
Wednesday, September 23rd
  "Hi! My name is James Leaman. I went solar because I taught AP Bio Environmental Science in High school. So I have done a lot of research and practical work around here in environmental method. So as soon as I could afford solar, my wife and I wanted to go that route. I heard of Pinnacle through different research with my wife Jean at four different companies or more and we were narrowing the field down and received a call from Pinnacle Exteriors. Steve came, gave us a fine presentation and after three quarters of his talk, we were ready to work with the company. The time went by and after that, Pinnacle Exteriors showed up. I was impressed from the start because the first thing they did with me was to take me outside, and explained to me how things would be attached to the wall in the exterior. As the process went along, I asked questions and they answered all my questions. I also noticed that the crew were working well together, they knew the sequence of what needed to be done. Once I understood the works, which was explained to me. They took me through and showed me the different kind of statements that needed to be read and signed. I would give them a high recommendation."  
James L. of York, PA
Friday, March 20th
"I heard of Pinnacle Exteriors on Facebook. Went with them for a 9kW solar array that's been performing quite well. They came and installed it. It took them about 3 days for the process, and did a really nice job on the installation and also on the cleanup. The site was left, just like it was before they got here". 
Tom M. of Jonestown, PA
Friday, March 20th
"Hi! My name is Josh and I'd like to answer a few questions for you.  What made me go solar?  Most of everybody's reason to be...get rid of that electric bill. How did we hear about Pinnacle Exteriors?   I think we did most of our research on our own term. We did the internet surfing and all that. That's how we found you guys! How would we rate the company?  I think I'd rate you an overall 10! Nice crew, everyone goes in the house and come back out. They do their job, they don't do nothing else. It's all good to me!"
Joyce B. of Fredericksburg, PA
Tuesday, September 22nd
  "So we decided to transition away from the electricity that's produced from our generator, our power company. And we wanted to be able to produce our own energy based on the sun and that's why we decided to go with solar energy to reduce cost over the long-term and we've been very happy with the result. We transitioned before the whole COVID-19 pandemic and we're so glad that we've seen a dramatic reduction overall in our electric bill. Usually in the summer time, we have very high electric bills and they are next to nothing now. So we're very satisfied with our solar panels and Pinnacle Exteriors. They've done an exceptional job for us. Anytime I would have a question, the staff, the sales people, the technician fully understood the concerns and were able to respond to our questions completely. They helped guide us through the process, they helped us with the financing which was a big worry for us...a big concern that we had because it is a big investment but we're already seeing our return in our investment at this point. We'll highly recommend Pinnacle Exteriors for their exceptional service, the quality, the workmanship and they were just great all around for us to work with. We really appreciate everything they've done for us and it's just been an all around great experience!"
Barbara L. of Mohnton, PA
Tuesday, August 4th
Harry: "We heard about the company at the Allentown Fair. They had set up there a roof and just really asked for some information. I liked what I heard and got some panels and that's how we got to know Pinnacle. We've been very pleased because our electric bills have been less than $10 for a whole year, between $4 or $5 and $9.99 being the highest we got all year and it's pretty much total electric here. So it paid for itself in the long run, plus it helps the environment." Aretha: "They were a little cold because they put it in, in November! And the one guy was training some others. But we were happy and actually we have a rental property and they needed a new roof and I called Pinnacle and they came and it was a good deal and in the morning that roof was replaced in 4 hours. Very Happy with Pinnacle!"    
Aretha and Harry H. of Kutztown, PA
Monday, August 17th
"We heard about the company...Well I did a lot of online research and comparison. We were very into getting rid of fossil fuels, climate change and we've thought about solar for a very long time. We did the Chester County Clean Energy tour in the Fall, came back from that and decided to get our panels installed. We did our research and contacted Pinnacle. They were very quick to come out, took their time to give us an estimate, look at the roof and then they did the work very quickly!"  
Marian and Walter P. of West Chester, PA
Friday, March 20th
Actually it was on Home Advisor; the reviews were good. And we actually just wanted to get the vinyl siding, but then my husband had suggested about getting solar, and we just stuck with them throughout the whole ordeal.  He was very honest, up front about what the cost was gonna be. When my husband asked if he would cut us a break, he cut us a break, great, Pinnacle Exteriors was great, just great, as far as coming here on a daily basis, installing the vinly siding and then we had solar done, which turned out great. What did I like about the work that they did... everything, everything they did was great, I can't complain. Service was great with Pinnacle, I can't complain. They kept you up to date on what they were doing. If something was going on that we didn't know about they at least told us things, let us know ahead of time what was gonna happen.  It was great. For the vinyl siding it was great. My husband a lot of times would talk to the guys before they went home at night, and they would tell him what they did or what time they were gonna be here the next day. And with the solar, it was great, the guys were here early in the morning until almost dark every night.  The cleanup was good. I feel Pinnacle Exteriors did great as far as meeting all the expectations. They did the job, they knew what they were doing, and they did it right. I'm just waiting for the sun to come out more so we can see how the solar works.
Joan W. of Slatington, PA
Tuesday, January 30th
"Hello! My name is Jason Gonzalez, I purchased Solar and a roof from Pinnacle Exteriors. The reason why I wanted to go solar was that I wanted to bring my bill down, well eliminate it. I purchase a 9.6 kW system and that should do the trick, as far as getting rid of my bill. I look for a requital company online and I have seen a lot of good reviews about this company. So I decided to give them a call, they came to the house, they measured everything and they sat down with the financing and the day of the installation went beautifully, I have no complaints at all and I would recommend them to anyone...Family, friends...People I don't know". 
Jason G. of Long Pond, PA
Sunday, July 5th
"I was very much interested in purchasing a solar system. The only solar company in the Lehigh Valley that I trusted by research and reviews was Pinnacle Exteriors. When I called to schedule an appointment you guys went out of your way to make sure it was a time that was better for me, and not for you. The biggest concern were the finances. A lot of time when you're dealing with a bank you don't really know what you're doing and they can take advantage of it. The Pinnacle Exteriors representative turned around and supported me and helped me in the finances. They turned around and he showed me a system that has a limited life warranty on the shingles, and was very informative about it. Then I had told him I was interested in the solar roof, again very informative, he knew what he was selling, he knew the product; it wasn't just a line.  As for the service, when they showed up here, the gentlemen that were here were very polite, they were very attentive to the work situation that I am in. They made sure everything was picked up after they left. They also made sure that at the end of the day when they left I was still able to use my driveway and my house just as I did each and every day. The next team came in, and they were the solar team. While the two of them were installing the grid, their electrician part turned around and hooked up the wiring to the PPL electrical panels.  I can actually go to my phone at any time, pull up my system, and turn around and actually see the productivity of my system. As for savings, my big thing I was concerned about was savings. In 2015, my calendar year of 2015, I spent $2,442.00 on electricity. In the calendar year of 2017, I only spent $310.73, a decrease of 87.20 percent. A significant amount of money is what I wanted, and I got it working with Pinnacle Exteriors. Everything has been a quality job, it's been quality from the minute the sales representative walked in to the moment the last service guy left."
Joe P. of Bethlehem, PA
Friday, January 19th
Michael: "Okay, well we've been looking at solar for a long time. Pinnacle did our siding and they had solar, so we talked about that and we got the solar installed. We saw them at a homeshow and got a good price out of the siding." Kirsten: "We're ver happy with the work that they did and we would definitely recommend them for anybody that needs windows, solar or siding."  
Michael D. of Audubon, PA
Friday, September 4th
I guess once or twice a year there is a home and garden show that occurs. I happened to go to one at the Allentown Fairgounds last fall, and you guys actually called me to follow up after that event to see if I was still interested in the different work we had discussed. I had been in this home for two months, I knew coming in to the home that it needed a new roof, so that was the first visit to have Pinnacle Exteriors come out and give me a cost for the roof replacement. In terms of the roofing system I had actually gotten a couple of other bids, and so I sort of saw the same type and scope of work from a couple different companies, but I was presented with the idea that you would match someone else's price, so I took you up on that idea. So, after I received my first electric bill, I started getting nervous about being able to pay my future electric bill, so I called Pinnacle back and I said please come over and let's talk about that solar system again. There were in my mind 3, I guess we could call it 4 projects. There was a roof replacement, there was a gutter replacement, there was the addition of the solar system, and the fourth thing that I might add to that is we reinforced the existing roof structure to accomidate the solar system. Then the work itself proceeded quickly. Once it started everything proceeded on schedule in the course of a week, and except for a rain delay they were all done on time. So there were basically two different contracts signed, and pretty much what the salesman said at both contract signings was, he gave me the time and date of when the next Pinnacle Exteriors employee would be visiting and what the purpose of that visit would be. Those next steps happened on time and generally within a couple days of having the contracts signed. I think this is the 7th week since signing the solar installation contract, and here we are, we're done with the project. The roof, my expectation is it's not gonna leak for the warranty period, I think similarly I would expect the solar system to be functioning for at least about 25 years. I'm not even sure I will be in the home for 25 years, but I'm looking forward to no leaks and plenty of solar energy being produced during the time that I am here.
Doug S. of Hellertown, PA
Tuesday, February 27th
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