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After finding Pinnacle Exteriors in a monthly mailing flyer, Helen gave a call to get an estimate for a new roof, and had a great experience from the first phone call on. She was very happy with the crew, and was even more so pleased with the clean up, as it was very thorough. Helen ended up glad to have had Pinnacle Exteriors complete her shingle roof installation, and as you can see throughout her testimonial above, and happy to have chosen them above the rest of the competition.
Helen G. of Bethlehem, PA
Tuesday, August 15th
"I think I was in the Yellow Pages, no sorry, actually my Daughter found it online, she found it on Google. I went and checked out Pinnacle through the website, I called there and I spoke to people, and they seemed like they'd be a good fit.  I called that day, so it was very each to get in touch with you. I believe I spoke to a woman at first, and she was very nice. My husband works very late, so they did accomidate us to have him come out later so my husband would be home. It was great, the service was really good. They were very efficient, they spoke to me throughout the whole thing, let me know what was going on, because I needed extra wood than what came, and they let me know that before they did anything. I was surprised how fast Pinnacle got the job done. I mean, they were here in the morning and they were done by the end of the day.  The cleanup was great, I think my yard was cleaner when they left than it was before (laughing). You stopped my leaks (laughing), you made it better. I really don't know too much about roofing, so I didn't have much in expectations, I just wanted a new roof. They were really very nice, and they came out here as quick as they could to get the job done. I would definitely recommend Pinnacle again. I would just like to thank them, Pinnacle, for all their help and for their fast service. They were very nice, Pinnacle helped us a lot getting the loans and stuff for the roof. I believe they went above and beyond to help us as quickly as possible."
Maureen H. of Northampton, PA
Monday, November 13th
"I got a phone call from a person that said I have a chance to get a free service done if I get picked. Could they come out and see what kind of service I could use and give me an estimate on it. Not saying that I'd win any of it, but ha ha ha ha, there was a chance. So not knowing if I needed anything I figured, let em come out and tell me, and boy was I surprised when I found out what I needed. You put a roof on, and you also put on gutters and drain spouts. They did things very quickly because there was some mold up in my roof areas, and they wanted to get it done as quickly as possible so I would not have that any longer. That was one of the things that the gentleman expressed his concern about, and as to why I really needed the roof. He went into my house upstairs and showed me where the problems were with the roof and what I needed, and why. He explained everything well, he gave me a very decent estimate; and I did have other companies come out and give me an estimate also, but I decided to stay with Pinnacle. I'm along a very busy road, its very difficult for parking and for anything like that and they brought a container and put it on the macadam because they were afraid that the tires might dig in to my yard with the weight. So they did not put it on my yard, they didn't ruin any of my yard, and they cleaned up everything afterward. They did it in a very quick, timely fashion. It was like maybe a week to two weeks from the time that they came out and gave me the estimate and the time that they came and started putting on my roof, and I think that's very commendable. I didn't have to wait a long time for it. I am very much a word of mouth person, I feel if someone has done good work for me, I will give them the credit. When anybody asks me who's doing my roof, because they go by and see it's being done, I say "Pinnacle". It was a good experience, it was done in a timely fashion, done by people that were very courteous and things like that. I mean, you can't ask for much more from someone doing something for you in either your house, or whereve you are, your car, your house, whatever you need; courtesy and having it done in a timely fashion are very important."
Catherine B. of Walnutport, PA
Friday, October 13th
Ryan was searching for a company he could depend on, based on past performance and customer reviews. After finding Pinnacle Exteriors, and receiving a free estimate on his shingle roof replacement, Ryan was happy with the price and plan, and decided to proceed with the project. He was happy it was done so quickly, and would definitely be happy to have Pinnacle Exteriors back to complete future home improvement projects for him in the future. Him and the wife were left very happy with the whole experience, and you can see that above in the video testimonial.    
Ryan S. of Danielsville, PA
Saturday, July 15th
"Me and the kids went to Allentown Fairground and they were there, so I figured I'd stop in and ask them about if they had financing for roofing to be done, because I didn't really have the money to get the roof done, and they said they had a company that would be able to get the financing for us to get the roof done. The sales guy came over, he talked to us, he showed us the shingles and I really liked the shingles better than the other shingles I seen at Home Depot or anything like that, so that's why we decided to have Pinnacle Exteriors do the job. I was good, they came in, they got the job done, and the job looks really good too. I'm very proud of it. I liked everything that was done, and the crew was very nice. They basically tore off the slates, got the roof prepared to put the lined down for the roof and put the shingles on top of it.  They cleaned up the place really well, so no complaints there. Everything was good, really, I was just happy about the timing it was started and done. Everything went great, I'll definitely tell other people about Pinnacle."
Tim G. of Easton, PA
Tuesday, October 24th
After a Google search, Frank found Pinnacle Exteriors and made an appointment. He was pleased with the home lifetime warranty accompanying, and was glad to have Pinnacle Exteriors complete the job. See what he had to say in the video testimonial above.
Frank W. of Saylorsburg, PA
Thursday, June 29th
John: "I did a search for roofing companies in the Lehigh Valley and you guys came up." Charlotte: "On Home Advisor, I think." John: "The overall service was great, when they came out I was trying to decide if I wanted a metal roof, shingle roof, so Pinnacle Exteriors provided a quote with different options. I asked them to break it up into three different options, and the metal roof was a little bit, way over our budget, so we decided to do shingles on top and everything below the gutters, the walk out bay widow, covered deck, we did in metal. We are really happy with how that came out. Communication was great, this is our third home now and my experience in general with contractors is that they don't return your calls, so the one thing I loved about Pinnacle Exteriors was I called and someone answered the phone. Everytime I called someone answered the phone, and that's unheard of. Actually prior to working with you guys we had two different companies quote. One guy came out and he looked at the roof, he even walked around on the roof, but he never sent a quote. The other guy provided a quote, but then I called with a question on the quote, left a voice mail, and never heard anyting back, so I figured I'm not going to chase anyone down to do the work because how am I ever gonna chase them down if I'm not happy with the work. So that's one thing about Pinnacle Exteriors, somebody always answered the phone, and that's very professional.  The estimate was based on satellite images, but before the work actually began somebody, couple guys from Pinnacle came out and looked at the job, measured more precisely for the metal that was gonna be pre-fabbed to go on our bay windows, and then the crew came out, did their thing and when the job was complete, Justin and the same gentleman came out to see if we were happy, if there were any problems, and we did have a couple torn screens which he didn't hesitate, he said 'we're gonna fix them', and they did. Somebody came out and fixed the screens." Charlotte: "I think when the gentleman first came out from Pinnacle, or maybe it was the second time he came back with the actual proposal, it was like a booklet to look through it, and it went in to a lot of detail on things. It made you feel more confident, like you knew what you were doing, and explaining on the edges, and how things would be done, so just made you felt like Pinnacle knew what they were doing. John: "Pinnacle Exteriors did a great job." Charlotte: "And when I pull up in my driveway I like what I see, so thank you."
Charlotte and John M. of Bangor, PA
Monday, October 16th
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