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Paul's Easton, Pennsylvania business, Identitees was in need of a major exterior facelift, and after an installation date with Pinnacle Exteriors, Paul was happy to have customers arrive at his property. He is now confident in telling his clients where his business is due to the new siding, windows, and doors replaced by Pinnacle Exteriors, and is going to be sending people our way when asked where to get superior service for their exterior home improvement needs throughout Easton, Eastern Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.
Paul Z. of Easton, PA
Wednesday, August 9th
"Siding is what you did, but siding, capping, but more peace of mind. I was having leaks, so I had my roof fixed, but I knew I needed this so now I have peace of mind that my home will be dry, warm, and it will be inviting to others. The service, I would say was pretty phenomenal. The tenacity of the crews to keep coming back even though it was possibly a longer project than they expected, I did appreciate that. The one crew that did come, they showed up when they said they were gonna show up, did good work, fixed anything that needed to be fixed, and did a good job cleaning up. I think you guys contacted me, I checked out the videos, uh no, yeah, got an estimate right there and I felt like I got a very fair deal. It turned out to be excellent work, as you can see. Communication was fine. That's one of the reasons I went with you, because you actually answered my questions and took the time to take me through everything without giving me a hard sales pitch. My expectations were as high as for any contractor (laughing), and I would say they were met, met very well. I like that it looks a lot better than what I had previously. Thank you Pinnacle!"
Brian A. of Philadelphia, PA
Thursday, November 9th
John: "I did a search for roofing companies in the Lehigh Valley and you guys came up." Charlotte: "On Home Advisor, I think." John: "The overall service was great, when they came out I was trying to decide if I wanted a metal roof, shingle roof, so Pinnacle Exteriors provided a quote with different options. I asked them to break it up into three different options, and the metal roof was a little bit, way over our budget, so we decided to do shingles on top and everything below the gutters, the walk out bay widow, covered deck, we did in metal. We are really happy with how that came out. Communication was great, this is our third home now and my experience in general with contractors is that they don't return your calls, so the one thing I loved about Pinnacle Exteriors was I called and someone answered the phone. Everytime I called someone answered the phone, and that's unheard of. Actually prior to working with you guys we had two different companies quote. One guy came out and he looked at the roof, he even walked around on the roof, but he never sent a quote. The other guy provided a quote, but then I called with a question on the quote, left a voice mail, and never heard anyting back, so I figured I'm not going to chase anyone down to do the work because how am I ever gonna chase them down if I'm not happy with the work. So that's one thing about Pinnacle Exteriors, somebody always answered the phone, and that's very professional.  The estimate was based on satellite images, but before the work actually began somebody, couple guys from Pinnacle came out and looked at the job, measured more precisely for the metal that was gonna be pre-fabbed to go on our bay windows, and then the crew came out, did their thing and when the job was complete, Justin and the same gentleman came out to see if we were happy, if there were any problems, and we did have a couple torn screens which he didn't hesitate, he said 'we're gonna fix them', and they did. Somebody came out and fixed the screens." Charlotte: "I think when the gentleman first came out from Pinnacle, or maybe it was the second time he came back with the actual proposal, it was like a booklet to look through it, and it went in to a lot of detail on things. It made you feel more confident, like you knew what you were doing, and explaining on the edges, and how things would be done, so just made you felt like Pinnacle knew what they were doing. John: "Pinnacle Exteriors did a great job." Charlotte: "And when I pull up in my driveway I like what I see, so thank you."
Charlotte and John M. of Bangor, PA
Monday, October 16th
It was done through internet research, due to the other consumers ratings and recommendations. We had all of the windows replaced, we had a sliding door replaced; that was a very easy process. That happened very quickly, along with all of our siding, gutters, downspouts, and trim. It was a good experience. I think the service, it was acceptable. The crew overall was satisfactory, their cleanup was done very well and it was done well on a daily basis. The communication was good, there was a period of time where James was going to be my main contact person and for whatever reason, maybe that was a personal issue, there was a period of time when he was not available to be reached, but the gentleman who was filling in for him did a good job as well. I like the work that was done because they didn't seem to, the gentleman who were here granted there was only two of them, they took their time, they were both hard workers. We were overall satisfied with everything that they had done.
Tom H. of Doylestown, PA
Wednesday, November 29th
After searching Google for local siding companies that finance, Rick and his wife were very happy to have had Pinnacle Exteriors install insulation and new vinyl siding on his Phillipsburg home, along with capping the screened in porch, windows, and installing new fascia boards and soffits all around the overhangs. Rick wanted a home that looked new, but wasn't new, so he had some rustic appeal, and according to him, Pinnacle Exteriors went well beyond his expectation, and he has already recommended us to his friends and family. See what Rick said about his siding project completed by the skilled crew here at Pinnacle Exteriors in the testimonial above.
Rick S. of Phillipsburg, NJ
Tuesday, September 19th
Initially it was through a lot of online research. We do work in many different towns, so working with Pinnacle Exteriors has been a great experience. They've done everything from roofing, siding, flashing, and gutters... anything I need on the exeterior of a home, they've been able to help me with my many projects. It's easy to call them, they return your calls or emails immediately, so communication has been great. As far as the crews that have come out to the different project sites we have, they've been phenomenal. They understand the work that needs to be done, they know the expectations that we set when we get the estimate from the beginning, and they ensure that the work is done to our expectations. They really accomidate as they we go along, so I really appreciate the work that they do. What's been great is I've been able to use Pinnacle Exteriors for multiple projects, we've done several this year and many last year. One of the things Pinnacle has that others don't is that they can do both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, they can do work in both states, so that's helpful for me to have one company that can handle the entire exterior of a home. They understand the work and the quality I expect at the different projects that I have, my expectations I have is they'll continue to follow through. In the town of Washington we've done almost half the neighborhood. They see the work that we do on their homes, and they want to get work done on their homes. They do an excellent job, today you can tell it's a little wet out, it's been raining, we've had some rain the past couple days but they were able to complete the project because we had a tight deadline and even with all the rain and all the debris that goes around they completely cleaned the property, everything looks great. All the extra materials get removed off the site, so it's left as if they were never here. But the house is completely sided and roofed and it looks great. If you're looking for a company that provides great quality and customer service Pinnacle Exteriors is a great company to work with. Great communications, they definitely work with you and accomodate you. They understand schedules and budgets, and they'll go above and beyond to help you out, so I highly recommend them. 
Wence F. of Washington, NJ
Tuesday, March 6th
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