Testimonials for Pinnacle Exteriors

"Kim: Hi, my name is Kim Salabsky Ed: And I am Ed Salabsky.  Kim: Two years ago, we decided to go with solar panels. We shopped around and had the opportunity to go to the york county home business show. We talked to several companies, one of which was Pinnacle to get their ideas as to how we could benefit from solar panels.  Ed: Prior to going to that show, we did a little bit of research, we even looked at other sources of electric production such as windows or whatever. But we went to that show with that idea and we had narrowed it down that we were gonna look for a solar system for the house.  Kim: Pinnacle Exteriors came out and told us what type of panels we needed, how many we would need and we decided to go with them!  Ed: We're very happy and we've had it for two years now. We're very pleased with the result. Basically, we had no electric cost for the utility anymore. We're still connected to the grid and we don't have a choice to that matter and they do charge us a minimum fee for the priviledge to being connected to the grid but other than that, we haven't paid a cent for the actual electric for the power company. The solar power have provided all of our electric needs for the plus two years.  Kim: In the winter time, we were paying 3 or 4 hundred dollars a month, we were on oil. That stressed got cut down to as low as thirty dollars a month just to stay on the grid. Now we have that extra money to do what we want. I like that as I am into craft, so I have used some of that money to buy stuff and my husband is into hunting so he has the extra fund to pursue his hobbies. I would highly recommend Pinnacle to everyone. Like I said, we shopped around, we didn't take this slightly. We didn't just go with the first one we spoke with. We spoke to about 4 companies.  Ed: I would caution anybody that's considering solar to do what we did. But I would also say to do some research ahead of time because there are different type of panels, different installation methods. So it is not necenssarily that you should go with the lowest cost, you need to know what you're getting a price for, what type of solar panels and the history of the company; how good they do and that type of things...So cheap and the solar business is not always the best!"   
Ed and Kim S. of Glen Rock, PA
Wednesday, September 23rd
"Hi, my name is Samantha P. I always dreamed of being a homeowner and being able to have solar energy as a part of that dream. I ran across an ad of Pinnacle on Facebook and my experience across the board has been top-notch. Everybody has been very respectful, they do what they say they're gonna do, when they say they're gonna do it and with the best quality work, very respectful. I'm just excited to be able to land my energy and to the global energy concerns at large and see what we can do to make things better for everyone."  
Samantha P. of Glen Rock, PA
Thursday, January 14th
  "Hi! My name is James Leaman. I went solar because I taught AP Bio Environmental Science in High school. So I have done a lot of research and practical work around here in environmental method. So as soon as I could afford solar, my wife and I wanted to go that route. I heard of Pinnacle through different research with my wife Jean at four different companies or more and we were narrowing the field down and received a call from Pinnacle Exteriors. Steve came, gave us a fine presentation and after three quarters of his talk, we were ready to work with the company. The time went by and after that, Pinnacle Exteriors showed up. I was impressed from the start because the first thing they did with me was to take me outside, and explained to me how things would be attached to the wall in the exterior. As the process went along, I asked questions and they answered all my questions. I also noticed that the crew were working well together, they knew the sequence of what needed to be done. Once I understood the works, which was explained to me. They took me through and showed me the different kind of statements that needed to be read and signed. I would give them a high recommendation."  
James L. of York, PA
Friday, March 20th
"I wanted to go solar to save money on electric bill and cash in on the tax rebate. Hopefully be able to sell my yearly credit to the electric company and I think Pinnacle did a great job, a clean job and I would definitely recommend them to anybody else who was thinking about going solar."
Brandon V. of Shiremanstown, PA
Tuesday, November 17th
"Hi, my name is Mike and if you're in Middletown, Delaware. Years ago, we were looking at solar and trying to determine what was the best time and when we wanted to do it. When we moved here, the house was oriented, things looked lined up, the program was in place, it seemed like the right time to look at it. We looked at several different companies. Pinnacle was actually the third company, actually brought in and got an estimate from. And looking at the comapnies, we tried to look at the total package; the technology they were applying, the engineering they were applying, the financing that was available, and Pinnacle was the total package for us. The sales guy who came out was actually an engineer, he did the design, right there on the kitchen table. He listened to what we wanted to do, we rambled the designing system. It's basically going to cover our entire electric cost which was kind of important to me trying to manage our overall bills and cost. Working with Pinnacle with Pinnacle, I'm not gonna say that it was 100% smooth but we had some issues, project folks listened to us, they addressed those issues, they fixed everything appropriate, just the way we wanted. Right now we're generating electricity. I don't really have a sense of the total value but the system is sized to pay my bills and it's costing me nothing out of pocket and basically will freeze my electric bills for the next 25 years. Couldn't be happier with Pinnacle, couldn't be happier with the project folks, that managed the whole deal. For us, it was just to sign on the dotted line and we stepped back and they took care of literally everything; the county, the town, HOA. We had to do nothing other than sit back and watch it happen. They gave us a 3-day timeline, they did everything in the three days.So we had the one issue, they were very attentive to us, they've addressed the issue, it's currently up. As you can see, it looks great on the roof, the neighbors are happy with it. We're just ecstatic, we're just so glad we went with Pinnacle, we couldn't imagine working with another vendor."
Michael & Carol D. of Middletown, PA
Wednesday, June 16th
"Hi! My name is Bill Harker and I just experienced Pinnacle Exteriors. They put up solar and they did an absolutely fantastic job. I'm very pleased with everybody that did the work, I'm very pleased with everybody that I had contact with and I'm very pleased with the end of the project."   
Bill H. of Ephrata, PA
Wednesday, July 14th
"I heard of Pinnacle Exteriors on Facebook. Went with them for a 9kW solar array that's been performing quite well. They came and installed it. It took them about 3 days for the process, and did a really nice job on the installation and also on the cleanup. The site was left, just like it was before they got here". 
Tom M. of Jonestown, PA
Friday, March 20th
"Hi, I just really would like to thank Pinnacle Exteriors for the great job that they've done to my house, working with them was a pleasure, everything went through smoothly, they do all the back legwork for you, so I didn't have to obtain any permits, get anything done which was very great being a full-time working parent. So I really appreciated all their help, their knowledge and everything getting done and everything took less than a couple of months. I know they give us a couple of months until they actually have everything set up and done but I have to say the whole experience was fast, easy and perfect. So I can't thank you enough. Thank you." 
Melissa L. of Denver, PA
Wednesday, July 28th
"Hi! My name is Josh and I'd like to answer a few questions for you.  What made me go solar?  Most of everybody's reason to be...get rid of that electric bill. How did we hear about Pinnacle Exteriors?   I think we did most of our research on our own term. We did the internet surfing and all that. That's how we found you guys! How would we rate the company?  I think I'd rate you an overall 10! Nice crew, everyone goes in the house and come back out. They do their job, they don't do nothing else. It's all good to me!"
Joyce B. of Fredericksburg, PA
Tuesday, September 22nd
"Hello! My name is Ashley Connell Banson and we found Pinnacle Energy (Exteriors*) on Facebook and we chose to go with them because when we were being introduced and interviewed with the company, they were very personable. They actually are a family company, they treated my pets with respect and said Hi to all my pets and you know, we have a mini zoo here so that was very important to us. You might see a few of them running around! Solar panels, we chose due to the ability to lower our energy cost. It's also renewable energy and we wanted to be a little more conscious on how our environment is handling things so we decided to go with a renewable source." 
Ashley B. of Wilmington, PA
Thursday, May 20th
 "Hi, I'm Donnie! And I'd like to tell you why I like solar. I think it's the way of the future and it will save me money from paying the electric company which I really don't wanna do. I rate the company, very very highly. They did it in a day and a half, all 29 panels. And I heard about it while I was snooping around on the internet!" 
Donald W. of Mohnton, PA
Monday, December 7th
  "So we decided to transition away from the electricity that's produced from our generator, our power company. And we wanted to be able to produce our own energy based on the sun and that's why we decided to go with solar energy to reduce cost over the long-term and we've been very happy with the result. We transitioned before the whole COVID-19 pandemic and we're so glad that we've seen a dramatic reduction overall in our electric bill. Usually in the summer time, we have very high electric bills and they are next to nothing now. So we're very satisfied with our solar panels and Pinnacle Exteriors. They've done an exceptional job for us. Anytime I would have a question, the staff, the sales people, the technician fully understood the concerns and were able to respond to our questions completely. They helped guide us through the process, they helped us with the financing which was a big worry for us...a big concern that we had because it is a big investment but we're already seeing our return in our investment at this point. We'll highly recommend Pinnacle Exteriors for their exceptional service, the quality, the workmanship and they were just great all around for us to work with. We really appreciate everything they've done for us and it's just been an all around great experience!"
Barbara L. of Mohnton, PA
Tuesday, August 4th
"We heard about the company...Well I did a lot of online research and comparison. We were very into getting rid of fossil fuels, climate change and we've thought about solar for a very long time. We did the Chester County Clean Energy tour in the Fall, came back from that and decided to get our panels installed. We did our research and contacted Pinnacle. They were very quick to come out, took their time to give us an estimate, look at the roof and then they did the work very quickly!"  
Marian and Walter P. of West Chester, PA
Friday, March 20th
"Dane Ball, I went solar just because I figured it would save money on my electric bill and if the country kills more green, electric is probably gonna go way up. The company did a great job on the roof and the solar and I'm satisfied, very satisfied." 
Daniel B. of Lenni, PA
Thursday, January 21st
After browising Home Advisor, Ali decided he was going to give Pinnacle Exteriors a call to get a free estimate on his roof replacement project. Check out his testimonial above, and see how Pinnacle Exteriors exceeded his expectations.
Ali S. of Pottsville, PA
Thursday, September 21st
Testimonial Photo by Samantha p.
"I've always hoped to own my own home and be able to go green. I'm very happy to be able to limit my impact with regard to global energy concerns. I found Pinnacle on Facebook and it has been an easy and good installation, great customer service." Samantha P. 
Samantha p. of Glen Rock, PA
Wednesday, December 16th
Testimonial Photo by Christian C.
"All employees were very respectful and informative. They got the work done at such a fast pace. They left no mess and answered all of our questions!" 
Christian C. of York, PA
Monday, August 1st
Testimonial Photo by Dennis K.
"Under promised and over received. The sales person, the crew and the office staff have been very professional. The process was seamless. Highly recommend." 
Dennis K. of Columbia, PA
Tuesday, April 19th
Testimonial Photo by Brandon V.
"Pinnacle did a great job installing, scheduling, and cleaning up their materials. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to install solar!" 
Brandon V. of Shiremanstown, PA
Wednesday, November 18th
My name is Ian Turner, and I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I chose Pinnacle Exteriors to replace the roof on my 25 year old home, primarily because they were the only person who came in to give an estimate that actually inspected the interior of the attic to see if there was any interior damage, so they could anticipate any problems that might crop up while the roof was being replaced Pinnacle wasn't the lowest bid and it wasn't the highest bid, but based on the fact that they did the inspection and based the estimate on what they were seeing with the roof instead of the other contractors who simply came out, did a brief visual inspection, then took a satellite image and measure the dimensions of the roof and get back to me with an estimate. So I really thought Pinnacle was going to do the best job, in part because they had the most knowledge of the roof before going in to the project. This is the first roof that I've ever had replaced so I didn't know what quite to expect. I was very surprised when they told me they could get it done in one day. The house is about 2,400 square feet with a pretty steep pitch, but they got it torn off and put up within a day, which was good because we had a 14 inch snow storm the following day. So the roof was immediately tested and it passed all of the tests. Yes I would, there have been quite a few roofs in my neighborhood that have been replaced recently because of a hail storm we had back in the fall of 2017, and I'm really pleased based on how quickly they got it done, the price, I've talked to some of my neighbors and Pinnacle's pricing is very competitive. I'm very happy with the work that they did.
Ian T. of Lancaster, PA
Tuesday, April 10th
Testimonial Photo by Robert H.
"The company did what they said and went above and beyond." 
Robert H. of Christiana, PA
Thursday, March 25th
Testimonial Photo by Margaret G.
"The installers were very efficient and answered all my questions." 
Margaret G. of Camden, DE
Thursday, January 6th
Testimonial Photo by Jeffrey G.
"Start to finish Pinnacle did great, always kept me updated, and was always professional and helpful."
Jeffrey G. of Felton, PA
Monday, May 3rd
Testimonial Photo by Gregory M.
"I am very happy with every process. Bob was very informative and the workers that installed the panels were great. They explained how to work everything. I will tell everyone in my neighborhood where we got the panels." 
Gregory M. of Felton, PA
Monday, May 3rd
Testimonial Photo by Arnold B.
"Work completed. Nice and neat. Panels producing daily." 
Arnold B. of Felton, DE
Tuesday, August 17th
Testimonial Photo by Michael & Carol D.
"We chose Pinnacle Exteriors to install our solar system and couldn't be happier. From sales, to installation, to support, you won't find a better team to partner with.  The salesman was professional and incredibly knowlegeable. Once we signed the contract, Pinnale took care of everything.  Pinnacle also has a financing plan that makes sense. Great route, our system will pay for itself.  Thank you to Pinnacle for exceptional customer service and hard work!"
Michael & Carol D. of Middletown, PA
Thursday, May 20th
Testimonial Photo by Robert & Villma W.
"I had a service from Pinnacle on May 10th, 2021. The guys that they sent to do the job were very friendly and professional. They were very nice and fast. I highly recommend them."
Robert & Villma W. of Newark, DE
Thursday, May 20th
Testimonial Photo by Stefun H.
"Installation went well. Installers were knowledgeable and professional. Some issues with communication and follow through but overall a good experience." 
Stefun H. of Newark, DE
Wednesday, August 10th
Testimonial Photo by Andrea C.
"Very satisfied, very good service team and install technicians. Appreciate all of the outreach and support from the Pinnacle team." 
Andrea C. of Newark, DE
Wednesday, June 16th
Testimonial Photo by John F. L.
"We had dealt with Pinnacle years past, so we had confidence in them when we considered getting a solar system. The sales presentation was low pressure but very informative. All questions were explained and explaned until we were comfortable with the answer."
John F. L. of Newark, PA
Thursday, August 12th
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