Work Requests in Allentown

Pinnacle Exteriors is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Allentown. Learn more about Pinnacle Exteriors's recent work requests in Allentown and nearby areas!

Learn more about Pinnacle Exteriors' recent work requests in Allentown, PA
Vicinity of North Glenwood St in Allentown
Interested in installing solar panels.
Vicinity of N Main St in Allentown
Looking for an estimate for roof removal and replacement including decking if needed.
Vicinity of Blue Barn Road in Allentown
Flashing repair
Vicinity of S Carbon St in Allentown
I have a home that is in the process of a sale and the buyer requested a roof replacement. The roof currently has no known leaks but does have some nail pops and some shingles along one edge that are damaged. the location is where a ladder us used to access the roof. There is only one layer of shingles on the roof and i believe a second layer could be applied.
Vicinity of in Allentown
We would like to install solar panels on our home to provide approx. 14,000 kWh annual use. Thanks
Vicinity of N Ott St in Allentown
Preparing our hose for sale. Weighing options between replacing siding and painting existing siding. Looking to get estimates for siding replacement.
Vicinity of W Liberty St in Allentown
Roof in my house seems to be leaking, would like to get an estimate on how much would it be to fix it... Thank you!
Vicinity of Haines Mill Rd in Allentown
With all the winter storms, some shingles have blown off my roof. I just bought the house and had it inspected in February. The roof is only 3-5 years old.
Vicinity of COBBLER LANE in Allentown
My roof (which is aluminum shingles over asphalt shingles) is leaking around the chimney. I'm home any weekday after 4:30PM or early Saturday morning for an estimate.
Vicinity of in Allentown
There's a strip of siding along my roof that is falling off and blowing in the wind. We are also missing two down spouts.
Vicinity of Sandtrap Ln in Allentown
Replace siding and shutters. Maybe housewrap and sealing around chimney and brick edges.
Vicinity of in Allentown
Leak at the porch roof water coming inside. Leak on the second floor coming into bedroom, and leak from 3rd floor coming into the secod floor hall ceilling.
Vicinity of in Allentown
Second opinion on possible hail damage.
Vicinity of North Law Street in Allentown
Roof repair. Leak in bathroom ceiling. Need an estimate.
Vicinity of , Mohawk St in Allentown
Roof leaking into the master bedroom, caused ceiling damage.
Vicinity of W Liberty St in Allentown
Today's rain has uncovered leak @ my rental property. My bedroom ceiling is leaking and I believe it is as a result of rain gutters not placed correctly or something roof related. Either way I need it repaired. I also left a msg in your voicemail to call me as soon as possible. Thank you for your help.
Vicinity of SOUTH RACE STREET in Allentown
Vicinity of N. Gilmore St. in Allentown
Just bought a new house. Prepurchase home inspector said my EPDM roof seemed ok but he's not a roofer and I don't know when it was replaced. Looking to get this done before winter.
Vicinity of in Allentown
Recently purchased home and our roof that covers our back porch is in need of repair. Panels/ roof are starting to sag. Looking to seek repair work from your company. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to schedule a free estimate. Thank you!
Vicinity of E. Juniata St in Allentown
New roofs
Vicinity of N Penn St in Allentown
Got some roof leaks...Out front porch, 2 Bedrooms
Vicinity of South Bradford St in Allentown
When it rain my roof leaks but there's no visible holes on the roof ..looking to get it repaired or replace the whole roof
Vicinity of West Linden St in Allentown
My storm door glass is broken also my anterior door glass is broken but thats stain glass
Vicinity of in Allentown
Leaks from the ceiling in kitchen and bathrooms
Vicinity of W Tilghman St in Allentown
Vicinity of West Tilghman St in Allentown
I need to replace my basement window and 2 doors in my basement.
Vicinity of Troxell Street in Allentown
Small leak in metal roof
Vicinity of W Allen St in Allentown
I need an estimate for a metal roof. I'm fairly sure I want a standing seam farmhouse type roof. I am gathering estimates and hoping you could give me one in the near future. Thank you.
Vicinity of Parkway Rd in Allentown
Looking to replace 7-10 windows.
Vicinity of in Allentown
Neede repair on my sunroof leaking
Vicinity of E Texas Blvd in Allentown
Vicinity of Lehigh St in Allentown
We need some roof work in the kitchen