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After finding Pinnacle Exteriors on Angie's List, Dale got an estimate and was pleased with friendliness and price of the job, so decided to go with Pinnacle. After a quick trip to the gym, Dave and his wife came home to find their brand new roof nearly completely installed to their satisfaction, and Dave was very happy with the clean up, as can be seen in this testimonial.    
Dale B. of Allentown, PA
Thursday, August 17th
Andrea is a mother of 5, and had an entire house full of windows replaced by Pinnacle Exteriors, at her Allentown, Pennsylvania home. After searching for weeks, Andrea decided Pinnacle Exteriors was going to be her last estimate before putting the job off, but Pinnacle's simple financing process was enough to give Andrea the confidence to have her high efficency window replacement home improvement project completed by Pinnacle Exteriors. She was overjoyed with the professionalism of the installers and the hard work they provided her throughout the course of her window installation. Check out the finished product within the testimonial above, and hear the kind words Andrea had to say about her experience with the entire staff at Pinnacle Exteriors.
Andrea Z. of Allentown, PA
Tuesday, August 1st
Hector wanted to find an exterior home improvement company he could trust, and after checking out Pinnacle Exteriors on Google, and browsing around the photos and reviews, it was a no brainer for Hector to click the call button to get a hold of Pinnacle Exteriors for a free estimate. After a number of estimates, Hector went with Pinnacle and now he is coming back for more. Find out what made him so happy by checking out the testimonial above.
Hector J. of Allentown, PA
Wednesday, September 20th
After finidng Pinnacle Exteriors on the internet, William and Sandra decided to have Pinnacle replace the main roof on their home, including new plywood and shingles. The job was done quickly and professionally by the staff at Pinnacle Exteriors, and this happy couple had a great experience with the sales person. Check out their testimonial above, and see exactly what they had to say about their positive experience with Pinnacle Exteriors.
William and Sandra M. of Perkasie, PA
Wednesday, September 13th
Actually it was on Home Advisor; the reviews were good. And we actually just wanted to get the vinyl siding, but then my husband had suggested about getting solar, and we just stuck with them throughout the whole ordeal.  He was very honest, up front about what the cost was gonna be. When my husband asked if he would cut us a break, he cut us a break, great, Pinnacle Exteriors was great, just great, as far as coming here on a daily basis, installing the vinly siding and then we had solar done, which turned out great. What did I like about the work that they did... everything, everything they did was great, I can't complain. Service was great with Pinnacle, I can't complain. They kept you up to date on what they were doing. If something was going on that we didn't know about they at least told us things, let us know ahead of time what was gonna happen.  It was great. For the vinyl siding it was great. My husband a lot of times would talk to the guys before they went home at night, and they would tell him what they did or what time they were gonna be here the next day. And with the solar, it was great, the guys were here early in the morning until almost dark every night.  The cleanup was good. I feel Pinnacle Exteriors did great as far as meeting all the expectations. They did the job, they knew what they were doing, and they did it right. I'm just waiting for the sun to come out more so we can see how the solar works.
Joan W. of Slatington, PA
Tuesday, January 30th
Before Pinnacle Exteriors showed up, there was a slate roof on top of this Slatington home, which was becoming a real issue for the homeowners after a recent vacation to Florida. After several no shows by other contractors, David called Pinnacle Exteriors after seeing them on the internet, and was happy to be left with a pleasant experience throughout his roof replacement job. Pinnacle Exteriors worked with both David and his neighbor to achieve a new shingle installation on top of both these roofs, including large sections of mansards, and ensure their leaks were a thing of the past, unlike their now updated roof. David couldn't have been more pleased with the service, communication, and fast job Pinnacle Exteriors made of this roof, and that is communicated throughout his testimonial in the video above.
David H. of Slatington, PA
Wednesday, July 5th
After hearing about Pinnacle Exteriors from friends, Janet and Larry decided to have their exterior screen door and entry door replaced on their mobile home, in Glencrest Mobile Home Park, in Slatington, Pennsyvlania. They were happy to have a new door, and as you will see in the testimonial, they had a great experience with everybody involved throughout the process on the end of Pinnacle Exteriors.
Larry and Janet H. of Slatington, PA
Wednesday, August 23rd
A friend of mine from work had a lot of projects done by you's, and I watched his testimonial and stuff on Facebook, and that's why I decided to go with you. It was very easy, I called on a Monday morning and someone was out there within about two hours of me calling. You's did all new siding, fascia, gutters, soffit and down spouts. I'm very happy on how the final product turned out. It was a pretty good transformation from what it was to what it currently is now. They had a lot of super cold days, so some of the days were a little shorter, but otherwise everything went very well. They were good guys, they put up with a lot of cold weather and they toughed it out and got the job done. I would definitely recommend Pinnacle to any friends and family that are looking for any projects, I have some projects that should be coming up in a couple years that I'll be giving Pinnacle consideration for them. I'm very pleased with the transformation it has become. I didn't have a lot of expectations, it was new siding. I was definitely anxious to see how it would turn out, and it turned out pretty good.
Keith R. of Coplay, PA
Thursday, February 15th
It was done through internet research, due to the other consumers ratings and recommendations. We had all of the windows replaced, we had a sliding door replaced; that was a very easy process. That happened very quickly, along with all of our siding, gutters, downspouts, and trim. It was a good experience. I think the service, it was acceptable. The crew overall was satisfactory, their cleanup was done very well and it was done well on a daily basis. The communication was good, there was a period of time where James was going to be my main contact person and for whatever reason, maybe that was a personal issue, there was a period of time when he was not available to be reached, but the gentleman who was filling in for him did a good job as well. I like the work that was done because they didn't seem to, the gentleman who were here granted there was only two of them, they took their time, they were both hard workers. We were overall satisfied with everything that they had done.
Tom H. of Doylestown, PA
Wednesday, November 29th
I'm having Pinnacle Exteriors do my roof. As a plumber and contractor myself, I know my limitations, so I hire professionals to do the work that I choose not to do. So far their doing a great job and I'm waiting to see the finished product; I'm sure it's gonna turn out well. I was contacted via email, I believe and I gave them a chance, had em come out and give me a quote. The price seemed fair, so I figured let me get it done. It was easy enough, they had a professional salesman come out, he explained all the details to me, the warranties, the pricing, the interest rates, everything, and how they go about getting the work done. It seemed fair, he was professional about it, so I figured, "why not?" I needed to get it done and here we are. So far the guys are doing a wonderful job, they're keeping it clean, picking up after themselves and their being careful with my property, so that's the most important. Like I said, I'm the owner of Agosto Pluming, my name is Jay Agosto, as you can see my name and number. Feel free to contact me if you choose to, if you need me. But like I said, look up Pinnacle, they're doing a great job, and I'm sure they're going to have a perfect finished product.
Jay A. of Lehighton, PA
Monday, December 4th
"I was very much interested in purchasing a solar system. The only solar company in the Lehigh Valley that I trusted by research and reviews was Pinnacle Exteriors. When I called to schedule an appointment you guys went out of your way to make sure it was a time that was better for me, and not for you. The biggest concern were the finances. A lot of time when you're dealing with a bank you don't really know what you're doing and they can take advantage of it. The Pinnacle Exteriors representative turned around and supported me and helped me in the finances. They turned around and he showed me a system that has a limited life warranty on the shingles, and was very informative about it. Then I had told him I was interested in the solar roof, again very informative, he knew what he was selling, he knew the product; it wasn't just a line.  As for the service, when they showed up here, the gentlemen that were here were very polite, they were very attentive to the work situation that I am in. They made sure everything was picked up after they left. They also made sure that at the end of the day when they left I was still able to use my driveway and my house just as I did each and every day. The next team came in, and they were the solar team. While the two of them were installing the grid, their electrician part turned around and hooked up the wiring to the PPL electrical panels.  I can actually go to my phone at any time, pull up my system, and turn around and actually see the productivity of my system. As for savings, my big thing I was concerned about was savings. In 2015, my calendar year of 2015, I spent $2,442.00 on electricity. In the calendar year of 2017, I only spent $310.73, a decrease of 87.20 percent. A significant amount of money is what I wanted, and I got it working with Pinnacle Exteriors. Everything has been a quality job, it's been quality from the minute the sales representative walked in to the moment the last service guy left."
Joe P. of Bethlehem, PA
Friday, January 19th
Larry got a new roof on his Fountain Hill barn, and vinyl siding and roofs on the accompanying garage and stoarge building. After finding Pinnacle Exteriors on the internet, Larry was happy to get a quick response and simplified financing throughout the job preperation process. He enjoyed the entire process of having this home improvement project completed as well, as Pinnacle Exteriors payed close attention to detail, and made sure to give his property the necessary attention throughout the clean up process, as well. Larry will be sure to recommend Pinnacle Exteriors to his friends and family, and will be giving us a call again when he is looking for more exterior home improvement needs.
Larry S. of Fountain Hill, PA
Saturday, July 15th
After finding Pinnacle Exteriors in a monthly mailing flyer, Helen gave a call to get an estimate for a new roof, and had a great experience from the first phone call on. She was very happy with the crew, and was even more so pleased with the clean up, as it was very thorough. Helen ended up glad to have had Pinnacle Exteriors complete her shingle roof installation, and as you can see throughout her testimonial above, and happy to have chosen them above the rest of the competition.
Helen G. of Bethlehem, PA
Tuesday, August 15th
"I think I was in the Yellow Pages, no sorry, actually my Daughter found it online, she found it on Google. I went and checked out Pinnacle through the website, I called there and I spoke to people, and they seemed like they'd be a good fit.  I called that day, so it was very each to get in touch with you. I believe I spoke to a woman at first, and she was very nice. My husband works very late, so they did accomidate us to have him come out later so my husband would be home. It was great, the service was really good. They were very efficient, they spoke to me throughout the whole thing, let me know what was going on, because I needed extra wood than what came, and they let me know that before they did anything. I was surprised how fast Pinnacle got the job done. I mean, they were here in the morning and they were done by the end of the day.  The cleanup was great, I think my yard was cleaner when they left than it was before (laughing). You stopped my leaks (laughing), you made it better. I really don't know too much about roofing, so I didn't have much in expectations, I just wanted a new roof. They were really very nice, and they came out here as quick as they could to get the job done. I would definitely recommend Pinnacle again. I would just like to thank them, Pinnacle, for all their help and for their fast service. They were very nice, Pinnacle helped us a lot getting the loans and stuff for the roof. I believe they went above and beyond to help us as quickly as possible."
Maureen H. of Northampton, PA
Monday, November 13th
"I got a phone call from a person that said I have a chance to get a free service done if I get picked. Could they come out and see what kind of service I could use and give me an estimate on it. Not saying that I'd win any of it, but ha ha ha ha, there was a chance. So not knowing if I needed anything I figured, let em come out and tell me, and boy was I surprised when I found out what I needed. You put a roof on, and you also put on gutters and drain spouts. They did things very quickly because there was some mold up in my roof areas, and they wanted to get it done as quickly as possible so I would not have that any longer. That was one of the things that the gentleman expressed his concern about, and as to why I really needed the roof. He went into my house upstairs and showed me where the problems were with the roof and what I needed, and why. He explained everything well, he gave me a very decent estimate; and I did have other companies come out and give me an estimate also, but I decided to stay with Pinnacle. I'm along a very busy road, its very difficult for parking and for anything like that and they brought a container and put it on the macadam because they were afraid that the tires might dig in to my yard with the weight. So they did not put it on my yard, they didn't ruin any of my yard, and they cleaned up everything afterward. They did it in a very quick, timely fashion. It was like maybe a week to two weeks from the time that they came out and gave me the estimate and the time that they came and started putting on my roof, and I think that's very commendable. I didn't have to wait a long time for it. I am very much a word of mouth person, I feel if someone has done good work for me, I will give them the credit. When anybody asks me who's doing my roof, because they go by and see it's being done, I say "Pinnacle". It was a good experience, it was done in a timely fashion, done by people that were very courteous and things like that. I mean, you can't ask for much more from someone doing something for you in either your house, or whereve you are, your car, your house, whatever you need; courtesy and having it done in a timely fashion are very important."
Catherine B. of Walnutport, PA
Friday, October 13th
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